Dr. Anne Avery is a Licensed Psychologist
in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

About Dr. Avery

Dr. Avery has worked as a teacher, school counselor, outpatient counselor, psychologist, and neuropsychologist. 

She taught at both a junior and a senior high school and then worked as a school counselor in a senior high school. She was a counselor in a private practice and then returned to school to become a psychologist and trained for neuropsychological assessment. She has lived and studied in a variety of cultures.

Before entering her doctoral program, she had a two-year pastoral counseling internship. Before licensure, she had internships at a hospital in Concord, MA, at the Boston Veterans Administration, at an inpatient brain injury site, and North Shore Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Avery’s degree is in Counseling Psychology from the Boston University Department of Education (Ed.D).

Dr. Avery's house

About Psychotherapy

Generally, Dr. Avery works with individuals who are dealing with a situation person, problem or feeling which is causing concern. Her approach uses an international perspective and cognitive behavioral therapy informed by neuropsychology and focuses primarily on anxiety, depression, and interpersonal childhood or bicultural issues. She has 20 years’ experience with ADD/ADHD and neuropsychological evaluations but no longer provides this service. She does not work with courts or attorneys because she is not trained to do so.


Adults see Dr. Avery either as individuals or as a couple. Individuals may be anxious or sad or having trouble with life, their feelings, with unemployment, job issues, or people in their family. Adult relationship problems can be with parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, bosses, partners or children.


Couples can see her for partner issues or marital problems. She works with couples from age 20 to 90. It is customary to see both adults together about four times before seeing each person alone one time if that is requested. After getting acquainted, Dr. Avery finds that meeting once a month over a period of time allows changes to happen gradually and be kept in place and for the new patterns to feel comfortable.


Adolescents who see Dr. Avery range in age from 11 to 19. These adolescents may be having trouble with family, peers, or education. For an underage adolescent to work with Dr. Avery, both parents must want their child to have therapy and the adolescent must agree to work with her. Dr. Avery is not trained in substance abuse and does not work with adolescents with those issues.


Children who see Dr. Avery range in age from age 4 to 10. The children may be anxious or sad or having trouble in school. She does not work with children whose parents divorced within the past three years because any return to court would require services she does not offer. For a child to work with Dr. Avery, both parents must want the child to have therapy and the child must agree to work with Dr. Avery.

New to Psychotherapy?

Dr. Avery may be a good person for you to work with. Or she may not. She understands that one can have a good doctor and a good person but not necessarily a good match. You need to feel comfortable and safe with your doctor. If you feel comfortable with her, she will be happy to listen and understand. If you don’t feel comfortable with her, you can just say so and she won’t take offense.

Dr. Avery is required to ask certain questions but you get to choose what to answer and what to say. She does not expect you to tell everything right away. She knows that you need to meet her, go home and figure out what the experience was like in order to be comfortable sharing more information.

Psychologists have “unwritten rules” about arrangements for themselves and their patients. They know that sometimes people “click” and sometimes they don’t. That means that if you are not comfortable with them or they think they can’t help you, it should be said. Also, psychologists worry about their patients if they don’t show up for an appointment; this work is more than “just a business.” As a result, it is very helpful if you let the psychologist know if you can’t come or if you have just changed your mind. Generally, people call 24 hours ahead to cancel an appointment. When they can’t do that, they call as soon as they know they won’t keep an appointment.

When you see Dr. Avery, after the paperwork is done, you can begin in any way that is comfortable for you. For example, you can tell her to ask questions, you can describe who is in your family, or you can just begin wherever you want. The session lasts 45 minutes and she sets a timer to ring 5 minutes before the end so that she knows the time is almost over. At the end you can set another appointment or go home to think about what you want to do.


Dr. Avery likes to find solutions which work for you. Sometimes people profit from finding a way to handle a problem person in their life. Sometimes it helps just to talk about how you feel and find out if it is “normal” to feel that way. She uses ideas about thinking and behaving which might be useful.

Dr. Avery also provides the following:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • EMDR for trauma
  • Bi-cultural awareness when appropriate
  • Internal Family Systems work when requested
  • Problem/Solution oriented therapy
  • Mindfulness or pastoral counseling for interested individuals

Where Dr. Avery Works

Contact Dr. Avery

You can call Dr. Avery and leave a message anytime at (603) 868-8100.